Pie for the People

Delicious scratch-made pies mailed straight to your door.

PieGrams are very special packages made up of our handmade pies.  You choose the flavors and then we ship them off to make someone's day (perhaps even yours)!  PieGram packages come with one pie, two pies or four pies in a box.  Each pie is approximately 6".  We use local and regional ingredients and make them all from scratch with our own two hands and the help of a rolling pin.  No preservatives or other yucky stuff.
Just real good pie.

Below are our pie descriptions. Decide which flavors you'd like to have in your PieGram package.  When ordering, you'll select which ones you want.  Packages include a card with a message from you to the PieGram recipient. 

Questions? Contact us at hello@pie-gram.com

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